Suspect Your Home Has Termites?

Reasons to Use a Professional Termite Extermination Service

If you even suspect that you have termites, then you need to look into hiring a professional termite extermination service as soon as possible. Below are a few things you should expect from a Woodridge, IL service.

A termite exterminator is someone that specializes in identifying and eliminating termite infestations from the likes of residences, buildings, and other structures. They will use a variety of tools and methods to find and destroy termites. They could treat a small area with chemicals or depending on the size of the infestation, fumigate an entire building. Most exterminators will go on to educate both home and business owners on the best way they can prevent termites from damaging their property in the future.

Many species of termites will travel in large colonies, in search of plants, wood, and other such sources of cellulose. It is not uncommon for colonies to nest in or around old wooden structures, including barns, buildings, and houses. An exterminator may inspect a site to determine if there is, in fact, a termite population, assess what damage has been done to the structure, and determine what the most effective method will be to get rid of them.

Some exterminators will apply insecticide directly on nests, colonies, and areas which are more susceptible to an infestation. They could also take preventative measures by spraying any trees close by, weathered wood on or near a structure’s foundation, and areas where termites will often migrate to.

When colonies cannot be found, an exterminator may decide to fumigate an entire structure. This involves sealing a structure off and pumping in great quantities of lethal gases in. after approximately 30 hours after fumigation, the exterminator will then perform a walk-through to ensure the effectiveness of treatment, and to determine if a property is safe for re-entry by the occupants.

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